Roges & Associates, LLC | Why Choose Us

Rogers & Associates LLC provides surveillance, investigations, interviews, polygraphs, and GPS tracking for Attorneys, insurance companies, businesses, and private citizens.

We have the training and experience required to provide high quality results.  We are natives to Idaho and are able to utilize our history as a tool in the investigations.

We recognize the benefits and importance of belonging to a large network of investigators and continuously attend conferences, seminars, and trainings to keep up on the latest in the industry.

With the state of the art technology and over 40 years of experience investigating and surveillance techniques, Rogers & Associates delivers discrete investigations and material needed to win a court case or prevent a company from having to over pay on a claim.

Surveillance and Private Investigators have been around for a long time. Some States don’t even require special licensing. Rogers & Associates and its affiliates have had extensive training, years of experience, and a proven track record to verify their professionalism and proficiency. We are licensed with the State and insured. We respect the sensitivity of every case we are involved with.

To take full advantage of the company’s resources, investigations may be conducted around the clock for several days or weeks.

Contact us today for more information regarding your condition. 208-344-4029