Insurance Investigations

Insurance Fraud Investigator Boise, ID

insurance The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimates that insurance fraud costs at least $80 billion each year, or almost $950 per family. Insurance fraud is one of America’s largest consumer rip-offs. This $80-billion annual crime spree keeps everyone’s insurance premiums higher, costs jobs, and robs people of their savings.

Rogers & Associates, LLC teams with local and national insurance fraud prevention associations in an effort to investigate and reduce fraudulent claims. Our history in Boise Idaho and background give us an advantage in our insurance fraud investigations. Our primary goal during each investigation is to ensure clear communication with our client and provide accurate documentation and evidence.

The most common solution for an insurance fraud investigation is to conduct surveillance and capture on video, the activities the claimant does throughout the day or night. The art of this investigation comes in the ability to stay two to three steps ahead of the claimant at all times and the ability to discover the activities of the subject. Civil, criminal, and motor vehicle records are a few places we are able to obtain information on the claimant. Some circumstances necessitate a great deal of foot work and individual contact in order to gather information necessary to complete an insurance investigation. Years of experience and advanced training give Rogers & Associates the necessary tools to conduct these investigations. Looking for an insurance fraud investigator in Boise, ID? Contact us today.