GPS Tracking

Hidden GPS Tracking Boise, ID

gps-guy-drivingIf you suspect your partner of being dishonest it may be beneficial to track them for a few days. Hidden GPS tracking can be a less expensive way to determine what your partner is doing. GPS tracking is used as a tool to determine the whereabouts of a vehicle. We use the most advanced tracking device manufactured offering exceptionally accuracy and sensitive positioning. This system will provide location history with full address and date and time. The device is easy to hide and install. We are also able to log engine hours, miles, and speed. The device is rugged and water resistant. Battery will last 10-21 days.

Hidden GPS vehicle tracking is an investigators best support while conducting an investigation. Our investigators have tracked corporate and private vehicles. Using our GPS vehicle tracking system has proven to be an extremely successful tool. Contact our private investigators in Boise, ID for more information.