Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is it? Rogers & Associates charges a competitive rate on surveillance and investigations. Call to speak with an investigator regarding an assignment. A retainer is required on all domestic cases. Insurance companies and Attorneys no retainer required. GPS is billed per day. Polygraphs depend on the case but typically run $400. How do I pay? You can either use Pay Pal through our web site or cash in person. Personal checks are accepted and the assignment will begin after the check has cleared. Business can send payment to Rogers & Associates LLC P.O. Box 8927, Boise, Idaho 83707. Please include case number.

How long does it take to get results? Results vary case to case. Typically after a case is assigned, a detective will do an initial inspection of the area and subject. Occasionally we are able to provide results from these initial inspections. Typically we can provide results within one to two weeks. Best results are acquired from obtaining detailed information from you. GPS results are provided each morning. Due to public safety and insurance reasons real time GPS is not provided for the client.

Can I get a refund? It is the investigators #1 priority to provide you with professionalism and the truth that you are searching for. If you chose to cancel our service before we begin the investigation the retainer is fully refunded minus the Pay Pal fee of $30.00. If you chose to cancel the service after we have started the case your retainer will be refunded minus the service we provided. Reasons for cancellations may be a partner or claimant coming clean with their activity or after an update on the case from the detective you may feel that we have enough to satisfy you.

What are the signs of a cheater? There are several signs you can look for. Although working out at the gym is great this is also one of the best ways to cover up. By taking a gym bag and extra cloths it is easy to shower off any odors. Check for sweaty clothes and odd odors. Also, how many days in a row are they going to the gym? Workouts might actually take place on occasions. How long are they at the gym? New styles and dressing up on certain days can often be a giveaway too. A camping trip with friends or relatives on a weekend you are not able to attend is a great way to avoid any phone conversations and excuses. Workaholics may be a quality characteristics for some, but it might be worth your time to stop by with a late night cappuccino or snack just to say hello. If your partner is not where they say, it may be a good time to have a conversation with them. If they become defensive when asked questions it might be a good time to locate a quality investigator.

Sudden changes in sexual activity. This can work either way. If your routine is suddenly changing it’s a good time to monitor things. For some couples there may be less sex or even nonexistent. For others there may be a sudden increase in sex because the cheater is over acting his/her innocence or even acting out in quilt. If they are protective of their phone and not leaving it out of their range this can be an indicator too. Don’t’ act in a paranoid fashion, simply ask to borrow his/her phone next time you need to make a call, conveniently leave yours behind and watch their actions. This is not a time to confront them but may be a clue to their behavior. The best way to catch a cheater is to act as if you don’t suspect anything. The more you act suspicious the more they will cover up and it will make it harder for you emotionally and mentally.

Why hire an investigator vs. doing it myself or having a friend do it for me? A good detective should be aware of the current laws. It is imperative to follow the laws in order to keep yourself out of jail and win your case. The right investigator will have an abundance of resources and the proper network to properly handle your case. Investigators practice this day in and day out, they know the tricks of the trade and what to watch out for.

How can I keep your service discrete? There are several ways to stay discrete. For the Insurance companies and Attorneys this isn’t too much of a problem. For domestic cases, you can contact us through email. Several cases are completed without ever even meeting our clients. In the event that you do want to meet we can meet at a time and place of your choosing. Usually at park or coffee house. Meetings can also take place at Mimura Law Offices. If phone calls are not in favor then we can have a certain time you contact us for a daily update. Each situation is different and we are extremely flexible to best suit your needs.

Why use a Polygraph?There is no question that in recent years polygraph testing has gained increasingly widespread acceptance as a useful and reliable scientific tool. The science of polygraphs has progressed to a level of acceptance sufficient to allow the use of polygraph evidence in limited circumstances. The American Polygraph Association has been striving for three decades to improve the educational standards of its members, and the polygraph schools it accredits which, with some exceptions, currently require its applicants possess a minimum degree a the baccalaureate level.

What is the effectiveness of a Polygraph?Scientific studies have shown that using the polygraph correctly resolved 95% of the cases, the handwriting expert 94% of the cases, the eyewitness 64% and fingerprint expert 100% of the cases. Thus the accuracy of the polygraph examination is commensurate with and even superior to most of the presently approved forms of evidence.

Can someone beat a Polygraph?By the research given above I guess there is a 5% chance that someone can beat the polygraph. I will take those chances over a 50/50% coin flip any day.

Why are Polygraphs not permissible in court?That is a false statement. They are admissible in court for many reasons, including Judge’s ordering them, stipulation between attorney’s, POST Conviction Sex Offender treatment, civil issues and mutual agreement between parties.

How does the Polygraph take place?A polygraph will normally take place by appointment at the Polygraph Examiner’s Office at a designated time. During this appointment the Polygraph Examiner will meet with the Examinee and they will discuss the issues that brought them to the exam. During this period of time the Examiner will explain how the polygraph exam works and go over details of issues of the exam. After this discussion which usually takes between 1/2 hour to 1 hour the Examiner will then write the questions that will be ask on the exam and he will discuss each exam question with the Examinee. There are no surprise questions on the polygraph exam. Once the questions have been covered and agreed upon the Examiner will place polygraph equipment attachments to the Examinee and the polygraph exam will begin.