Child Custody

Child Custody Private Investigations Boise, ID

child It is vital that children have a healthy home and are raised in a safe environment. Unfortunately some parents don’t have this same point of view and possess unsafe practices. At Rogers & Associates, LLC we handle these child custody investigations with extreme care. Parents that are in a child custody battle and have reason to believe that their child may be in unsafe care, we offer several different options. These circumstances are best suited for the use of surveillance and video footage of the parents activities. If while conducting surveillance we feel a child is endangered in anyway the police will be notified which can also help your case. We also provide background checks and polygraphs. All our investigators have their own children and treasure their life opportunities. It is important to understand that our private investigators primary focus is for the best interest of the child. If you’re looking for a child custody private investigator in Boise, ID, contact Rogers & Associates for more information.